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The INPDA Information Portal is a shared space that offers access to information and resources relating to Niemann-Pick diseases. The Portal brings together a wide range of helpful information for patients, their families, and the professionals working in this field, in a range of different languages and formats. The ultimate aim is to maximise use of resources, minimise duplication and encourage collaboration. The portal reflects the collaborative spirit of the INPDA and continues to grow along with our respective member groups. All of the information and resources included here are downloadable and may be shared across your networks. There is also the option to adapt a particular article/resource for use within your patient community; if you wish to do this, please contact

Please note that the information provided via this website is intended for general educational and informative purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute to medical or professional services nor should it replace the relationship that exists between patients, their physicians and other health care providers. Please see below for a link to our full Disclaimer Statement.

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