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Loire Valley Meeting

What is the Loire Valley Meeting?

The Loire Valley meeting, which takes place every two years in the wonderful setting of a French Chateau, creates networks and opportunities within the research and clinical community that otherwise would not exist.

The meeting is organised and jointly funded by NPSuisse and Selbsthilfegruppe Germany on behalf of the INPDA since 2012.  LVM 2018 took place in October, with sixteen leading scientists and clinicians from eight different countries in attendance.  The delegates possess a range of expertise and experience, working at the highest level in their chosen field. This forward looking and confidential meeting provides the opportunity for free and open discussion on research and clinical priorities, with the aim of enhancing progress in NP-C. Watch the video below to learn more, and for further info please click here(Password: loire)

Check out the LVM Guest List LVM Society (LVM Society)

LVM Meeting Report 2016 available, here

GAM Meeting Report 2018 available, here


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