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IntraBio Completes NPC Clinical Trial Enrollment

OXFORD, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2020, / IntraBio Inc, a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, is pleased to share that it has completed enrollment for its IB1001-201 Clinical Trial.
IB1001-201 investigates N-Acetyl-L-Leucine (IB1001) for both the symptomatic, and longterm, neuroprotective effect of treatment of Niemann-Pick disease Type C (NPC). Recruitment for IB1001-201 commenced in September 2019 and has since enrolled patients across multinational trial sites in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, and Slovakia. Naïve patients with confirmed screening visits through January 2020 remain eligible for enrollment, and the Parent Study is expected to be completed by early May 2020.

“We are very appreciative of the dedicated Principal Investigators and Study Teams, as well as NPC Patient Organizations worldwide who have helped us reach this milestone,” said IntraBio’s Chairman Mallory Factor. “We are thrilled to have completed recruitment and continue to make progress in the development of IB1001 to help meet the NPC community’s overwhelming medical need. IntraBio believes it is well-positioned for clinical, regulatory, and commercial success.”
NPC is a rare, debilitating, inherited lysosomal storage disorder that predominately affectspediatric patients. The disease begins in early childhood and is chronic and progressive. NPC severely impacts quality of life. The average age of death for NPC patients is approximately 10 years, with half of the patients dying before the age of 12.5 years. In addition to Clinical Study IB1001-201, IntraBio is running parallel multinational clinical trials for the treatment of GM2 Gangliosidosis (Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease; IB1001-202), and Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T; IB1001-203). Enrollment in the IB1001-202 and IB1001-203 studies is ongoing.
About IntraBio
IntraBio Inc is a biopharmaceutical company with a late-stage drug pipeline including novel treatments for common and rare neurodegenerative diseases. IntraBio’s platform results from decades of research and investment at premier universities and institutions worldwide. Its clinical programs leverage the expertise in lysosomal function of its scientific founders from the University of Oxford and the University of Munich.
IntraBio’s management team and consultants have vast commercial experience and a successful track record of drug development in the USA and Europe. Together, IntraBio’s team translates innovative scientific research in the fields of lysosomal biology, autophagy, and neurology into novel drugs for a broad spectrum of genetic and neurodegenerative diseases so to significantly improve the lives of patients and their families.
IntraBio Inc. is a US corporation with its principal laboratories and offices in Oxford, United Kingdom.
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