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Launch of dedicated website to Orphazyme’s AIDNPC clinical programme

Copenhagen, 16 September 2015. A dedicated website to AIDNPC has been launched. The site describes Orphazyme’s clinical programme to investigate the orally available small molecule arimoclomol in Niemann-Pick disease type C. The website offers to NP-C patients a tool for finding information about the trial programme.

Visit the dedicated AIDNPC programme web site on

About arimoclomol

Arimoclomol is a new chemical entity with a proven safety record in man: seven Phase I clinical studies have been conducted in healthy volunteers. Arimoclomol is administered orally three time daily (t.i.d.) and it is presented in a hard-gelatin capsule, from which the content is easily dissolved in liquids or food stuff for best possible patient comfort and compliance.

Meet Orphazyme, represented by Dr. Anders Hinsby (CEO), Dr. Thomas Kirkegaard Jensen (CSO), Dr. Carlos R. Camozzi’s (CMO) and Karen Møller (Clinical Trial Manager), at the Niemann-Pick UK Annual Family Conference 18th–20th of September and at the bi-annual INPDA Face-to-Face Meeting in Mainz, Germany, the 24th of October.

Find out more about Orphazyme at

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