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NP-UK trustee provides a summary of NP-C trials

INPDA member Niemann-Pick UK provides a new post from Will Evans (father of Sam, NP-C, and trustee of NPUK), giving his perspective of the planned clinical trials in NP-C:

New Post! Clinical Trials in NP-C – My Perspective, by Dr.William Evans

So two trials for NP-C in 2015 have been announced, but what do we know about each…?

Earlier this year, we ran a series of posts from NP-UK Trustee, Dr. William Evans, father of Sam, age 7, NP-C. In his new post, Will provides his thoughts on Vtesse, Orphazyme and their clinical trials. Please click on the link below to read the post; you can send your questions or comments to and we will pass these along to Will.

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