International Niemann–Pick Disease Alliance

Our Work

Our Strategy

The INPDA’s overall mission is to assist, connect and support families affected by Niemann Pick Disease worldwide.  To achieve this, our strategy focuses on three key areas: the provision of mutual support between patient groups; the development of information; the stimulation of relevant research. See below for examples of our work.

Collectively, INPDA members represent the majority of known NPD patients across world. Our network brings people together, sharing information and ideas with the aim of accelerating progress in the field of Niemann-Pick diseases. To achieve our aims and objectives, we encourage effective collaboration and the sharing of ideas across patient groups, clinical and scientific academia and the pharmaceutical industry. We provide a forum that enables networking on a global scale, reducing overlap and maximising resources.

INPDA representatives are regarded as experts in their field; they are regularly consulted regarding clinical research and trials, are involved in high level advisory boards and are invited to speak at international events and conferences.

Provide Mutual Support

  • Establish, maintain and develop an international NPD network to enable the sharing of knowledge, resources and skills between patient groups.
  • Encourage the establishment of NPD support groups in countries where they do not exist
  • Lobby for equity of treatment access
  • Share ideas on funding opportunities

Develop Information

  • Disseminate up to date and accurate information on clinical trials. See our News: Trial Updates section for most recent developments.
  • Increase awareness and improve diagnosis of NP-C. See our Think Again, Think NPC page for more information on the campaign.

Stimulate Research

  • Encourage co-operative working with pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders
  • Encourage collaborative approaches. The Loire Valley Meeting is an event held by the INPDA every two years bringing researchers together from across the world to openly discuss progress and identify research priorities and potential collaborations. The aim is to accelerate progress towards future NP-C treatments.
  • Establish an international registry of NPD patients. Find out more about the INPDR, here.

Join the Registry

Calling all patients and carers! We've created a global registry of all NPD patients - if you're not enrolled yet, join us now...

Think Again. Think NP-C

Join our international campaign to improve diagnosis of NP-C!