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Shining a Spotlight on Superstar Siblings: The Unsung Heroes of NPD Awareness Month

Celebrating Strength and Support during NPD Awareness Month…

…let’s shine a bright light on the unsung heroes of our Niemann-Pick Disease (NPD) community this October, during Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month. We’re thrilled to introduce our “Sibling Spotlight” campaign, dedicated to celebrating the incredible siblings who stand strong beside their affected NPD family members.

A superstar sibling can be of any age, but what makes them remarkable is their often-overlooked role as a source of unwavering strength and support for their sibling and the entire family. They are the silent pillars of our community, providing love and resilience in the face of adversity.

If you have a superstar sibling in your family, we invite you to join us in this heart-warming campaign. Let’s give them the recognition they truly deserve! We’re reaching out to friends and family members to share pictures and a brief but impactful quote that captures what makes these siblings extraordinary and why they hold a special place in our hearts.

This is our chance to honor these remarkable individuals, so let’s make their stories shine. Together, we can spread awareness, love, and appreciation to our superstar siblings. Join us in the Sibling Spotlight and help us make this Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month unforgettable!

If you wish to send any messages for this cause, please do at any of these emails: or

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