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Vtesse/Sucampo May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

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Acquisition of Vtesse, Inc. by Sucampo Pharmaceuticals

On April 3rd, 2017 the exciting announcement was made that Sucampo Pharmaceuticals had acquired Vtesse.  We are working closely together as a team to first assure that our clinical trial program remains on track and receives the utmost attention and move to registration of VTS-270 as rapidly as possible. All colleagues are committed to this objective.

Over the last month, we made  certain that colleagues from Vtesse and Sucampo share the same dedication to support the NPC community and work together cohesively to find answers for people with NPC.  We sincerely appreciate the community’s support of Vtesse’s future with Sucampo, and we are certain this move will continue to prove to be positive for the NPC community and for VTS-270.

Our contact information remains the same for now.  We will keep the community informed of any changes to email addresses and phone numbers.

We continue to appreciate any and all questions and insights from the community, and local advocacy group representatives are a great resource for questions.


A Foundation for NPC:

As an exciting benefit from Sucampo’s acquisition of Vtesse, both companies have committed to establish and initially fund an independent foundation to benefit the NPC community by providing grants. The foundation will importantly fund work that could prove to be key advances for people with NPC and support the global community .  While details are under development, some possible examples of funded work may include: support to patient foundations, NPC biomarker development, improved diagnosis and others. Work that the foundation funds will be carefully evaluated so that it is complementary to the strong work already underway. The patient and family community, clinicians, researchers and others in the community will have the opportunity to propose this work.  The foundation will not fund VTS-270 research or drug development in general. As an independent organization, the foundation will not operate with involvement from Sucampo or Vtesse.

Currently, work is focused on defining the structure and governance of the foundation.  Many people within the NPC community have been and will be asked for their input and assistance in making sure the foundation is structured in such a way that it can bring the most possible benefit to people living with NPC.  We will continue to keep you updated as we work through its establishment.

In April 2017, Vtesse was acquired by Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc, however the Vtesse team remain involved and fully committed to the completion of the Phase 2B/3 Clinical Trial of VTS-270. 

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