International Niemann–Pick Disease Alliance


Find a Diagnostic Centre:

Looking for a diagnostic centre in your country?  Visit Orphanet! Orphanet is a unique resource, aiming to provide high-quality information on rare diseases, and ensure equal access to knowledge for all stakeholders.


Recognising the Signs and Symptoms of NP-C:

Think NP-C. Talk NP-C – Ataxia

Think NP-C. Talk NP-C – Dysarthria

Think NP-C. Talk NP-C – Gelastic Cataplexy

Think NP-C. Talk NP-C – Hepatosplenomegaly

Think NP-C. Talk NP-C – Organic Psychosis

Think NP-C. Talk NP-C – Vertical Supranuclear Gaze Palsy

Think Again. Think NP-C Educational Slide Deck

The NP-C Suspicion Index:

The NP-C Suspicion Index is a simple-to-use screening tool that has been developed a team of international experts in NP-C, to assist health care professionals who are unfamiliar with NP-C.

This simple and reliable tool will help to:

  • Identify patients who should undergo testing for NP-C
  • Raise awareness of the key signs and symptoms of NP-C
  • Exclude patients unlikely to have NP-C

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Calling all patients and carers! We've created a global registry of all NPD patients - if you're not enrolled yet, join us now...

Think Again. Think NP-C

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